Woodland Fox & Friends Wall Stickers

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Product Features:

  • Easy to apply and remove in seconds without damaging surfaces.
  • Waterproof and wipe clean.
  • Can be re-used and repositioned without leaving a sticky residue.
  • Simply peel carefully from sheet. Then position it in the desired location making sure that the surface/wall is clean and dry (newly painted walls should be left at least 3 weeks to completely dry) and smooth onto surface making sure to remove all bubbles.
  • To remove or reposition, slowly peel off the wall and re-apply in the new position.


  • Contains 48 wall stickers on 4 sheets.
  • Stickers range from 3cm (w) x 20cm (h) to 20.5cm (w) x 27cm (h).

Woodland Fox & Friends Wall Stickers

Fun, colourful, and cheerful, create a creative atmosphere with our vibrant Woodland Fox and Trees wall stickers.

Perfect for warming up a new nursery or keeping your toddler entertained, these wall stickers are destined to put a smile on any children's face.

From pastel yellow, hooting owls to a prancing, friendly doe, this wall sticker set includes enough to create interactive scenes on multiple walls in a room.

Your Woodland Fox and Trees wall sticker package comes with 52 wall stickers and includes the following:

  • Four wall stickers consisting of three playful foxes and one fox swinging from a branch.
  • Two wall stickers featuring brown rope for the swing that one of the fox are playing on.
  • One wall sticker of a baby doe.
  • Two wall stickers featuring grey raccoons.
  • Five wall stickers featuring pastel yellow and blue birds.
  • Two wall sitickers featuring cute brown squirrels.
  • Two wall stickers consisting of grey branches designed with a grey chevron pattern.
  • One wall sticker of a pastel blue and white polka-dotted porcupine.
  • Six wall stickers featuring tiny mushrooms and a small lady bug.
  • Four wall stickers featuring hooting owls.
  • 23 wall stickers featuring leaves to add to the branches and grass.

Build A Playful Forest With Happi By Dena Designs

Known for her distinctive, hand painted artwork on numerous products such as apparel, toys, books, accessories and more, Happi By Dena Designs are a breath of fresh air. Use our Happi By Dena Woodland Fox and Friends Tree wall stickers to complement your Woodland Fox and Friends wall stickers. You can even add the branches to the tree to make the tree more full. The possibilities are endless.

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