Children's Finding Dory Wall Stickers - Dory and Friends

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Product Features:

  • Easy to apply and remove in seconds without damaging the surface.
  • Waterproof and wipe clean.
  • Can be re-used and repositioned without leaving a sticky residue.
  • Simply peel carefully from sheet. Then position it in the desired location making sure that the surface/wall is clean and dry (newly painted walls should be left at least 3 weeks to completely dry) and smooth onto surface making sure to remove all bubbles.
  • To remove or reposition, slowly peel off the wall and re-apply in the new position.


  • Contains 1 wall sticker on 1 sheet measuring 18" x 40"
  • Assembled size: 99cm / 38.75" (w) x 41cm / 16.4" (h)

Finding Dory Wall Stickers - Dory & Friends

Let your little one experience an exciting new underwater adventure with our Finding Dory wall stickers.

These Disney Pixar wall stickers are perfect for bringing the exciting story of Dory and her friends to your child’s bedroom. The wall sticker features Dory and her new friends, Destiny the whale shark, Hank the octopus and Bailey the Beluga, surrounded by seaweed, sand and bubbles.

A great idea for bedrooms, nurseries and playrooms, our Finding Dory wall stickers will give the perfect finishing touches to any room and bring life and colour to your walls.

This wall sticker set includes 1 wall sticker that shows Dory and her friends swimming through the coral reef.

This product is printed on clear material for maximum colour brightness and a stencilled effect. Suitable for any wall colour.


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